Netflix for iPad update live now, version 2.0 for interface ease

What you're about to experience is an update that your humble narrator has been waiting for since Summer began, an update to the Netflix instant user interface for iOS, specifically on the iPad 2. This update brings us away from the ever-busting interface we've been subject to for the past however many months, the one that once you're done watching a movie you've got the flip the device upside-down to re-adjust enough to be able to tap*. This update comes free as the app is in the first place and all users should note that they DO need a Netflix account with instant access in order to use this application's many wonderful streaming bits of media.

One should note that *not everybody had the same problems as I did when using Netflix on the iPad up until now, but based on the feedback I've received in my search for a cure, I certainly wasn't the only one. It should speak to your sense of excellence then to hear that I've been paying for Netflix this whole year because streaming videos and television shows through this Netflix app, down through the converter cord for the iPad to HDMI and into my HDTV is oh so simple and awesome enough to dismiss the errors I ran into. Now there's nothing holding Netflix back. New to this update outside of some obvious bugs:

1. Netflix now available in Latin America for iPhone and iPad

2. New iPad UI for all regions – US, Canada, Latin America – requires upgrade to iOS 5

3. Addressed stability issues

4. For support questions please contact us at

Netflix now shows off twice as many videos in one shot as the old interface did, and pulling the rows back and forth show off the vastness of your instant collection. We'll see how long this version lasts before the arachnids come back to claim what is theirs. Let us know if the download worked out alright for you and if your new interface is more or less stable than the last!