Netflix download to microSD card activated: try this

Netflix app for Android devices has activated the ability to download movies and TV shows to device's SD card. This is not the first time the app has allowed downloading of TV shows and movies to phones and tablets, but it is the first time downloading to microSD card has been allowed. It's taken what feels like an immense amount of time to incorporate offline viewing into this app, but a comparatively little amount of time to bring this much-needed enhancement of an additional save location – good on you, Netflix.

For those users out there that've never tried saving TV shows and/or movies to their smartphone or tablet, there are some caveats. Nothing too extraordinary – just notifications of data use (which you'll have to be aware of) and save quality. To adjust these elements – and others – users will need to head to their device settings in the Netflix app. This can be found on the lefthand side of the app.

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Inside the device's settings, Netflix now allows Download Location to be switched. On smartphones and tablets that do not have external storage, Download Location can still be tapped. Tapping this option just... won't let you switch if you have no other options for storage – but it's there anyway!

Under the Downloads section, this screen also shows users options for which sort of data they want to use to download shows and movies. Users can select Wi-Fi to download only whilst at home and connected in other locations that have free Wi-Fi (like a coffee shop or the office.) This set of options also includes a Download Video Quality which allows the user to select either Standard or High – that'll affect your internal storage as well as your data usage.

This same screen leads to Cellular Data Usage in Video Playback (near the top). This screen allows the user to put a limit on the amount of video their device can consume – great for parents with kids or the everyday average video consumption monster. This app update is available in Google Play right this minute for the public.