Netflix app hits 720p on Windows Phone 8

It's been far too long since Netflix was fullscreen on all Windows Phone devices – this week the app has been updated to include 720p displays for Windows Phone 8. As an added bonus, this update will work for not just Windows Phone 8, but Windows Phone 7.8 devices as well. As Microsoft's push for a fully-stocked app store continues, big names like Netflix kicks like this are a bit of a high-five on the way up.

As the Netflix app is updated for larger resolution displays, it's apparent that updates are still needed before this iteration of the video environment is up to snuff with the rest of the smart device universe. You'll still not be able to get HD video on your Windows Phone 8 device, and though it's not Netflix' fault, we're still not at a place where essentially every new Windows Phone 8 device is able to have its picture output to a larger screen via HDMI.

This update will ring in at 2MB as a download to your device this week. Remember that you're going to need a Netflix account to take full advantage of the app, but you can still make with a trial period if you like. You'll get addicted real quick.

Have a peek at the Netflix timeline below to see what else this streaming video giant has been bringing to the universe over the past few weeks. The Netflix app has quickly become one of the must-have apps on every mobile platform over the past few years, right along with Hulu and your everyday collection of YouTube-like apps. Stay up to date!