Netflix adds spatial audio support for iOS app, but you'll need AirPods

If you prefer to watch Netflix content on a mobile device, Netflix's latest update brings good news — assuming you own an iPhone or iPad, that is. Going forward, Netflix supports spatial audio on Apple mobile devices running iOS 14, but there's a catch: you'll need to own certain AirPods models to use the feature.

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News about Netflix's new support for spatial audio on Apple's mobile devices first surfaced through user reports on social media, including Twitter and Reddit.

Not too long after, Netflix confirmed that it is rolling out spatial audio on iPhone and iPad to 9to5Mac, but you'll need either the AirPods Max or AirPods Pro headphones to use it.

Assuming you have a Netflix subscription and either of these AirPods models, you can toggle on the spatial audio feature from the iOS Control Center. Once enabled, Netflix users will enjoy a far more immersive audio experience that provides a surround sound effect, giving impressions about the location and direction of objects.

Of course, your device will need to be running iOS 14 to utilize spatial audio, which will get a boost in the upcoming iOS 15 update. Once iOS 15 arrives, spatial audio will be available even for content that doesn't include Dolby Atmos, bringing it to far more platforms and services.