Netflix adds "Continue Watching" edit feature

This week developers at Netflix added an edit feature for Continue Watching, at last! If you're a big Netflix user, you get to know the ins and outs of the system, what's possible, and what SHOULD be possible, but isn't. Now, for the first time ever, users are able to both add and remove titles to and from their Continue Watching list of titles.

If a user wants to add a piece of media to their Continue Watching list, they have only to start watching that piece of media. That bit's pretty much unchanged. If you want to add a title to a list of yours without starting to watch said title, you've only to tap the "Add to my list" button. That's a list separate from that of the Continue Watching list.

If you're using the Android app for Netflix, find the show or movie you want to remove from your Continue Watching list. Tap the menu icon on the title (three dots arranged vertically), and select "Remove from Row". This should also work for other "rows" like your own selected list of titles.

If you're attempting to use Netflix anywhere other than an Android smartphone or tablet, you'll have a slightly more convoluted process to follow. You'll STILL be unable to remove an item from your Continue Watching row until the "remove from row" button is added, but there is one other option – remove from your watch history!

To do this, you'll need to open a web browser – in a phone, on a tablet, on a laptop or a desktop machine. There, visit Netflix dot com and tap your Account page. Open Profile & Parental Controls for the profile you'd like to update, and tap Viewing Activity. Click the (/) icon next to the title you'd like to delete from your viewing history. Easy as that, your titles are removed from your Continue Watching list.