Netatmo home monitor device tracks indoor climate with iPhone

A variety of indoor climate data bits can be harvested from Netatmo's new Healthy Home Coach device. This device is able to capture and analyze sound, humidity levels, air quality, and temperature. Four sensors in this device show these four factors to the end user through a simple mobile app for smartphones. Each Netatmo Healthy Home Coach connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and all information is accessible remotely via the end user's account, which requires no subscription or fees at any point.

A humidity sensor shows the user when they should modify their environment with a humidifier (or de-humidifier). An air quality sensor shows the end user if they have any level of indoor air pollution, and the app helps the end user learn how to reduce that pollution.

A temperature sensor acts independent of the thermostat in the end users home, tracking degrees in real time. A noise monitor will show the end user sound levels in real time and suggest sound levels that are ideal for a good night's sleep.

This device works with Apple HomeKit as well, so the end user can ask Siri how healthy their home is.

Each Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo costs a cool $99.99 USD. Several units can be attached to a single account and a user can monitor each room of their home with great ease. This device has been made available by Netatmo as of this week.