NET JET online gaming system is plug'n'play

There are a vast number of retro games out there for the casual gamer, many of which are low-cost or free and equally as many that come from sites festooned with pop-ups, malware and spyware and demanding registration pages.  Hasbro have obviously decided that this virtual minefield is a possible business opportunity; hence their NET JET online gaming system.  Most eye-catching is the USB joypad, but the cleverness resides in a tiny memory key which, when plugged in, unlocks a number of online games to be played.

No searching, no spyware, no pop-ups – just gaming wherever you are (as long as you've got joypad and key with you, as well as 'net access).  There's a growing catalogue of games, none of which are likely to give an XBox 360 or PS3 a run for their money, but then at $24.99 this isn't really aimed at the same market.


Additional memory keys can be bought separately, unlocking further game titles.  It's an interesting concept, though I wonder how soon a key will be hacked and all the games opened up for nothing.

NET JET [via The Red Ferret Journal]