Nest Renew uses Energy Shift to put focus on a clean future

Chris Burns - Oct 6, 2021, 2:00am CDT
Nest Renew uses Energy Shift to put focus on a clean future

A new service called Nest Renew is being released on a by-invite basis in the United States. Nest Renew is a service that combines existing Nest thermostat programs with new elements to allow users to “play a part in the fight against climate change.” This service works with intelligent automation, user education tools, renewable generation support, and nonprofit funding focused on clean energy equity.

Nest Renew works with a new feature for compatible Nest thermostats called Energy Shift. Energy Shift is a set of tools that help users prioritize cooling and heating electricity usage in order to achieve lower grid emissions or lower costs.

Nest Renew uses Energy Shift to deliver emissions-based energy management to the everyday Nest thermostat user. To do this, Energy Shift works by “offering elements of intelligent energy use that are available and make sense to the user.”

Nest Renew will deliver information to the user via visual indicators on the thermostat, emails, and “activity summaries”. At it’s simplest, Nest Renew will show the user when it’s “Peak Time” – suggesting that they might want to cool it on the heat (or vice versa).

Nest Renew will work with the 3rd-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, or “the newest Nest Thermostat” (likely whichever Nest Thermostats are released by Google from this point forward. There’ll be a free version as well as a Premium version available for a monthly fee.

Renew Premium will match your fossil fuel electricity use with purchased renewable energy credits (RECs). Renew Premium members in some markets will also be able to pay their utility bill through Nest Renew. With this service, users will get “one easy-to-read bill” with their usual utility charges, their Renew monthly cost, and “a summary of how their actions support a healthier climate.”

RECs have been sourced by Google with Bethel Wind and Roseland Solar. Renew has also “committed to future purchases of RECs from these projects beginning in 2023.”

Nest Renew will be released first (soon) in “early preview” by invitation only. Renew Basic is a free service that’ll be available “across the continental U.S.”. Renew Premium service will be available for $10 per month “in select U.S. markets” soon.

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