Nest pulls iOS app over widespread force-close problem

Nest owners on iOS have been noticing issues with the latest version of the Nest app, which is currently version 4.4.0. Force-close seems to happen right from the start, but it might not be affecting everyone. In diving through the Nest community support forums, there seems to be a lot of this force-close going on with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Others note their older iPhones — also running iOS 8.1 — aren't affected. Still, it seems as though Nest pulled the app from circulation for the time being.

Via Twitter, Nest acknowledged the issue, saying they're currently "investigating" this force-close problem. The Nest app is how many users interact with their thermostat, and the only way to do so remotely.

This isn't the first time Nest has fallen victim to internal issues. Previously, the Nest Protect smoke and co2 detector had problems with giving false alarms, and not alerting users of issues in other cases. At that time, Nest pulled the hardware from circulation, much as they've done with the software today.

You can still buy the Nest hardware; you'll just have to wait for a workable iOs app.

As stated, it might be an iPhone 6/6 Plus issue, but others on iPads also notice problems. None of the user fixes like uninstalling/installing the app seem to help, so Nest owners are left waiting on a fix.

Via: 9to5Mac