Nest multi-room audio control released for Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora

Today the folks at Google responsible for updating the Nest system of media control and smart home hardware made a big jump in the realm of audio. Nest products now work with multi-room audio control. Multi-room audio control works with YouTube Music, Pandora, and Spotify, and compatibility with other apps appears to be in the works.

With the most updated Nest hardware and software, users are now able to dynamically group multiple devices together in real-time to "fill multiple rooms with music." Nest devices must be cast-enabled in order for multi-room audio control to work.

One way to get started with this system is to access their Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display through said smart display or compatible audio apps. Per Google Nest Product Manager Chris Chan, "If you have more than one Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display, tap the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen when any audio content is playing, and you'll easily be able to add or remove your other devices throughout your home."

If you're aiming to create a new speaker group for the purposes of multi-room audio control, you'll need to know your limits. Compatible devices do not include the first generation Chromecast, but do include most Nest devices.

Compatible devices include Google Home, Google Nest Mini (1st and 2nd Gen), Google Home Max, and all Google Nest displays. You'll also be able to connect with Chromecast (2nd gen and newer), Chromecast Ultra, and Chromecast Audio.

ALSO NOTE: Nest Mini and Google Home Max devices have the ability to pair up and act as stereo pairs. Steam transfer allows users to "move music, videos, podcasts and more between compatible devices in your home using your voice, the Google Home app or the touchscreen on your Nest smart display."

UPDATE 1: If you're not seeing the controls yet, you'll get an update to your software for all Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and "other compatible Assistant-enabled Smart Displays" later today.

UPDATE 2: You cannot get this action working on the Google Home app on your smartphone just yet – but it'll be coming in an update "later this fall."