Nest iPod-style Smart Thermostat gets a detailed teardown

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A few months back we reported on a device called the Nest Learning Thermostat. This iPod-esque smart thermostat is available now and comes from Nest Labs – led by ex iPod chief Tony Fadell. The neat little gadget they've created will awake when you walk by, learn your ways and habits, and even save you money while it heats or cools your home. Thanks to Sparkfun we now have additional details and a full teardown of information.

Not only will this smart thermostat save you money but did I mention it has built-in WiFi and even Infrared proximity, PIR movement, and humidity sensors — and even a mini-USB port. It might not have all the Barry White albums or your favorite 80's classic music but what it can do is extremely impressive. No one thinks much about a Thermostat — let alone a smart one and Nest has capitalized on that by bringing an elegant design, simple and easy user interface, and simple touch controls all to your living room.

Our link at the top explains this neat little product in-depth but essentially what we have here is a Thermostat that will learn from its master. The system observes your normal heating/cooling routines – using movement sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, and proximity control – and can mimic them itself, as well as automatically tweaking the settings when there's nobody home. The built-in WiFi can even pull down local outside temperatures and adjust accordingly whether you're home or not. With iOS and Android apps — not to mention full online access you can control your heating/cooling from the couch, or while on vacation.

I wont get into too many details but the full breakdown by Sparkfun gets into all the little parts and technology inside this gadget. With tons of hackability and even a few parts from Zigbee (yes the home automation group) we might soon see Nest control our lights, refrigerator and possible more with future updates. I can see this project becoming one of those fancy devices seen from movies like Back to the Future in the coming months. Nest is available now for $249 at your nearest Best Buy. For now head on down to the link below for the full breakdown.

[via Sparkfun]