Nest Aware subscribers get free Nest Hub offer, codes finally working

During these weeks or even months of practically being forced to stay at home, it's not unusual for companies to offer some free or extended trial period to customers to do their part in keeping them sane and healthy. Google, however, seemed to have gone over and beyond by offering free devices instead, like free Nest Mini speakers to YouTube Premium subscribers. Now it's doing the same with a Nest Hub smart display but you need to have jumped on the new Nest Aware subscription to qualify.

Google finally pushed its long-announced changes to its Nest Aware subscription last month and, unsurprisingly, not everyone was eager to jump ship. They weren't getting a bad deal, mind, just that you'd be giving some old conveniences for new and different ones. Now it seems that Google wants to give early adopters a small reward.

Those who have jumped on the new Nest Aware pricing systems have received emails about getting a new Nest Hub. That a device that now costs only $90 after the price changes announced last month as well, bringing it down from the previous $129.

There was a bit of confusion early on with this promo as some have reported the codes not to be working at all. Fortunately, it may have just been a system hiccup and eligible Nest Aware subscribers are now reporting fully working redemption codes.

There are still some open questions about this offer, like whether it applies to only the $12/month tier or even the $6/month basic level. It definitely won't apply if you choose to stick to the old Nest plans. Those who have received the email can redeem the free Nest Hub until July 31 this year but they have to be in the US to do that.