NES Classic Edition returns to GameStop this week

We haven't heard too much from the NES Classic Edition since around Christmas time, but it seems that Nintendo is still working to produce more. GameStop announced today that it will have the NES Classic Edition in stock this week at its US stores. They're available beginning today, but it sounds like you'll still need luck on your side if you want to sang one.

GameStop says that the NES Classic Edition will be available in limited quantities throughout the week. To help make sure as many people as possible get one, GameStop has also implemented a one per customer limit. That should hopefully do something to dissuade would-be scalpers from snatching up all of the available stock, which is good to hear.

Indeed, a quick look at eBay shows that many sellers are still offering the console at more than $100. That's less than scalpers were asking for at the height of NES Classic Edition fever during November and December, but still quite a bit more than the NES Classic Edition's normal $60 asking price.

Nintendo's issues meeting demand for the NES Classic Edition have been well documented over the last few months, and it's something we saw shades of when pre-orders for its latest console, the Switch, opened up. Many retail stores had filled pre-orders for their first allotment of Switch consoles by the end of the first day, though with a little more than a month left to go before the console launches, we'll likely see pre-orders open back up again soon.

The fate of the NES Classic Edition is a little more unknown at this point. Given the extreme demand, you'd think that Nintendo would want to keep pumping out NES Classics as fast as it can, but this is the first time we've heard about new stock in a while. If you want to try to snag one from GameStop, calling your local store is likely your best bet, because any NES Classic stock that comes in will almost certainly be gone fast. Good luck!