NES Classic Edition returns next year, SNES Classic stock extended

There's a lot of good news coming from Nintendo this morning, as the company has announced that it will bring back the NES Classic Edition next year. Many of us are already familiar with the debacle that was the NES Classic's original production run, as the mini retro console was notoriously difficult to find and then discontinued far too soon. Now, everyone who missed out the first time around will be getting another chance to buy one next year.

Nintendo doesn't say when, specifically, the NES Classic will return to store shelves, only announcing a vague summer 2018 release window today. It also doesn't say how long the NES Classic Edition will remain on shelves, so it might not be a bad idea to plan on lining up on launch day, whenever that may be. Nintendo simply leaves us with the knowledge that more details on this re-launch will be coming around the bend soon, so we'll keep an eye out for those.

The good news doesn't stop when we shift focus to the SNES Classic Edition. Along with the announcement that the NES Classic will return next year, Nintendo also revealed that it will continue producing the SNES Classic Edition into 2018. The original plan was to stop production at the end of 2017 – something similar to what Nintendo did with the NES Classic – but given demand, Nintendo has decided to continue production into the new year.

Not only that, but Nintendo also says that day-one stock of the SNES Classic will be greater than available NES Classic stock through its entire production run. Hopefully that means there will be plenty of extra stock available for the many who didn't get to pre-order an SNES Classic, but when we consider that Nintendo has never given actual production numbers for the NES Classic, it's hard to say for sure.

In any case, these announcements hopefully mean that there will be plenty SNES Classics to go around when the retro console launches later this month. It's worth pointing out that these announcements were made by both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe, so an influx of retro consoles is on deck for both regions. Are you going to try to snag an NES Classic Edition when it goes back on sale again next year? Head down to the comments section to let us know!