NES Classic Edition in stock for some Amazon Prime Now customers

Do you want an NES Classic Edition? Do you use Amazon Prime Now? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you might be able to get one of the hard-to-find consoles. Amazon announced earlier today that the NES Classic Edition is available for Prime Now delivery, however that's only true for a select number of cities.

So, if you live in an eligible city and have a subscription to Amazon Prime, there's a chance that you could get an NES Classic Edition today without much work on your end. As with most NES Classic sales, it'll probably be best to keep hopes low, but it's worth a look nonetheless. Here's the full list of cities with NES Classic stock available:

Washington, D.C.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Baltimore, Maryland

Raleigh, North Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Orlando, Florida

If you want to try your luck in snagging one, you can give it a spin at If you don't luck out with Amazon, there are a few other options. ThinkGeek is currently running a lottery and handing out purchase tickets to randomly selected customers each day. It announced today that the final round of the lottery will be held tomorrow, so there's still one more chance going the ThinkGeek route.

Beyond that, the NES Classic Edition will likely be impossible to find until Best Buy replenishes some stock on December 20. There's no telling how many Best Buy will have to sell, but expect those to go fast too. We'll keep an ear to the ground for word of NES Classic Edition stock elsewhere, so keep it here for more.

SOURCE: Amazon