NES Advantage modded into Xbox 360 controller

There's something about taking retro hardware and hiding modern gadgets inside that appeals to a certain type of mod-happy geek.  Today's example takes the venerable NES Advantage arcade controller and stuffs the guts of an Xbox 360 wireless controller inside.Video demo after the cut

The Xbox 360's back and start buttons have been mapped to the Select and Start buttons on the joystick, respectively.  At present the turbo dials don't do anything, and there are no new LEDs, but they're planned for future tweaks to the mod.

Of course, only having A and B buttons on the Advantage means games that require three or all four of the Xbox 360 controller's A/B/X/Y buttons, or the shoulder triggers, aren't playable.  Still, for the sort of retro games that the Advantage lends itself to, that's unlikely to be too much of a problem.

[via Nowhere Else]