Nerf Sentry Gun checks badges, shoots intruders

Chris Davies - May 18, 2009, 6:30 am CDT
Nerf Sentry Gun checks badges, shoots intruders

We’ve seen automated guns and remote-control weapons here on SlashGear before, but this Nerf Sentry Gun is particularly slick.  Designed and created by Jason Wright and Jeremy Blum as part of their robotics class at Cornell, the sentry uses a webcam to authenticate ID badges; if your name isn’t on the list then, like Finland in Eurovision 2009, you’re shot down.

Video demo after the cut

Images snapped by the webcam are also uploaded to the sentry’s own website, together with details of date and time plus if they got past or were shot by sponge bullets.  There’s also a manual mode, which allows you to position the gun with the arrow keys on the controlling computer and then fire with the space bar, together with a freefire mode that tracks and shoots anything that moves.  Finally, a panic mode plays a siren and flicks the gun barrel around semi-randomly whenever movement is detected.

Blum and Wright have made the source code available under a Creative Commons license, and there are also schematics if you’d like to recreate your own Nerf Sentry Gun.  I’m not quite so DIY-capable as that, so I’ll just enjoy the video below.

[via _zero and via Hack a Day]

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