Nerdcore brings hot shots of geeky girls

I'm not completely sure why, but geeky guys have a thing for sexy geeky girls. Somehow a semi-attractive geek is hotter than a super hot regular girl. Trust me, I have a lot of guy friends and this theory is so true it scares me sometimes. Well Nerdcore has decided to tap into that market.

Many geeky girls are appalled by T3 and Stuff showing sexy geeky girls on their cover. They find it discriminating or something like that. Personally I'm not one of those girls. I am beginning to think I am the worst girl ever because I hate Hello Kitty too. Well Nerdcore is featuring nude and semi-nude girls in their calendar wearing all sorts of geeky things.

March's socks are friggin awesome, I have wanted a pair of those forever. Yes, I am a girl so I do notice the nude girl's socks. To get a geeky spread, the calendar will cost you $25.

Nerdcore Calendar Features Pin-Up Girls Playing Video Games [via chipchick}