Nemoptic OLED/BiNem combo display gets video demo

Chris Davies - Oct 11, 2010
Nemoptic OLED/BiNem combo display gets video demo

Tablets and ereaders could get all the more interesting in future, if Nemoptic can find buyers for their interesting dual-mode displays.  The latest model – a video demo of which is after the cut – combines a bistable, grayscale BiNems panel with a color OLED panel, creating a screen capable of showing both outdoor-viewable text and images as well as color video.

Video demo after the cut

In fact, the new display can operate in various different modes: it can activate only the OLED or only the BiNem panels, or the two can work together.  Shutting off the power in the latter mode will leave the BiNem still showing its image/text but consuming no electricity.

The BiNem panel itself has a curious sweep-refresh rather than E Ink’s panels which have a flash-refresh.  Neither is ideal, but the Nemoptic version does remind us a little of the old days of dial-up modems and waiting for pictures to download.

[via The Digital Reader]

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