Neiman Marcus Cupcake Cars bring Burning Man mayhem to the deep-pocketed

Picture happiness beyond Prozac and you may end up with this, the Neiman Marcus Cupcake Car.  A surprise hit at Burning Man back in 2004, the individually customized motorized cupcakes are the handiwork of Lisa Pongrace and her team and can now be yours to crash dangerously about the streets in.

They're each electrically driven and limited to 7mph, and Lisa's team will customize every order to its owner's specifications.  If you've always wanted to sit inside a blueberry muffin with a maraschino cherry on your head, while overtaking elderly people in mobility scooters, here's your chance.

Of course, such sweetened madness doesn't come cheap, and Neiman Marcus are asking a cool $25,000 per Cupcake Car.  Still, that does come with a matching hat, so perhaps they'll be the holiday gift of the season.

[via BoingBoing]