Necono cat camera shoots "whimsical" time-lapse [Video]

The world needs more gadgets shaped like cats. Not since the ill-fated CueCat has the interest of the internet been so feline-forged as today, with the Necono digital camera. A 3-megapixel camera dressed up as a stripy cat, the odd Japanese toy has magnetic paws to grip on in unusual places.

The camera itself is in the cat's eye, and while there's no integrated display to preview your shots, sometime in the spring a monitor dock will go on sale too. There's a 10 second timer mode, as well as an interval mode which snaps a shot every second.

Image quality is described as "whimsical" which probably means this won't replace your DSLR. Then again, you probably don't want to stroke your DSLR either – or at least you wouldn't admit to it – so perhaps a tiny tabby in your pocket or purse is a good addition to your photography arsenal.

[via CrunchGear]