NEC says “pah!” to danger with rugged Tablet PC

Chris Davies - Dec 5, 2006

You’re a rough and tumble kinda guy, with a taste for danger and buttocks like two firm plums in a handkerchief, and you demand the same rugged go-anywhere, do-anything spirit from your Notebook.  At the same time, you’ve a lovely style of cursive handwriting and you’d like to be able to show it off.  What you need, sunshine, is NEC’s latest hardy Tablet PC, the ShieldPRO.  Capable of being dropped 90cm without damage, withstanding temperature extremes of minus-20 to plus-50 degrees centigrade and shrugging off water, sand and dust that would make any normal notebook squeal like a piggy and run home to momma.

The spec sheet has obviously lagged a little behind the armouring – a 1.2GHz Core Solo U1400 processor and 256MB of RAM aren’t all that impressive, although the 60GB hard-drive and 12-inch XGA screen are better.  NEC will happily configure your ShieldPRO with a variety of hardware and OS options, however, before you go on your manly trek.

NEC ShieldPRO rugged Tablet PC

NEC [via Akihabara News]

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