NEC begins Nissan Leaf EV battery mass production

NEC has begun mass production of high-capacity lithium ion batteries for electric cars, and while that might not sound interesting, if you're considering a Nissan Leaf it's NEC's power packs that will be keeping you moving.  Initially production is at the company's Sagamihara plant in Japan, but in of 2013 the joint-venture started by NEC and Nissan plan to shift production to a new facility in Tennessee, USA, for EV models destined for domestic use.

Hardware specifications of the batteries themselves are in short supply, but Nissan has said that the Leaf will be capable of a roughly 100 mile range with top speeds of around 94mph (obviously range will decrease sharply if you travel at that speed).  Recharging is either via a regular North American 110V power point or an optional 220V outlet, the former taking up to 20 hours to fill the Leaf from empty to 100-percent, while the latter takes less than half that time.