NEC Avio Thermo Mirror tells you you're hot

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest of them all?" Brothers Grimm style questions will soon be answerable by NEC Avio's Thermo Mirror SX-01, which bundles a contact-free digital thermometer inside a mirror so as to make checking for flu symptoms more straightforward for businesses and public venues.

The SX-01 doesn't rely on new technology – NEC Avio have been offering infrared thermography devices for a long time now, supplying kit for airports and seaports during SARS and flu epidemics – but it does promise to make it more affordable. A regular NEC Avio contact-free thermometer costs upward of $6,000; however the Thermo Mirror is expected to come in at around ($1,186) for the entry-level SX-01A.

To achieve that it only measures temperature at a single point – usually the forehead – and uses basic lights to show health: green for the all-clear, red (and an alarm) if you're burning up. A more advanced version, the SX-01B, will be able to trigger external devices and combine its own measurements with those of external sensors.