NEC Android tablet to drop in Japan this fall?

Little more than a tiny image and a handful of specs right now, but NEC are believed to be working on a mobile PC that, to our squinting at least, looks to be Android based.  The touchscreen slate has a 7- to 8-inch LCD display, and NEC apparently have high hopes for its sales performance: they're predicting that they'll eventually ship over 1m of the UMPCs each year.

The unnamed device is set to go on sale in Japan come the fall, with slightly more cautious initial sales expectations of 100,000 to 200,000.  NEC are tipping it as a fast-booting device with heavy use of cloud-storage and cloud-computing; it's "[as] capable as a personal computer" they're quoted as saying.  Such mundane details as pricing, hardware specifications and the like are unclear, so we'll just reiterate how interested we are in Android tablets and move on to the next shiny thing that catches our wandering eye.

[via CrunchGear; Thanks Ed!]