Native Union Moshi Moshi want to give your cellphone a handset

Chris Davies - Mar 16, 2010
Native Union Moshi Moshi want to give your cellphone a handset

While full-sized handsets for cellphones and VoIP aren’t new – we’ve seen several companies offering unusual or retro ways to pretend your smartphone is something else – it’s taken Native Union to attempt to make it all serious.  Their Moshi Moshi line of wired and wireless handsets and speakerphones not only look pretty darn good, but they offer features like dual-pairing (with, say, your phone and your laptop), streaming audio and more.

There are five designs in the line-up initially, the wired MM01h, MM01 and MM02 and the Bluetooth-enabled MM03 and MM04i.  The first four are shaped like traditional handsets, the latter is a standalone speakerphone, and all but the MM01h come with a base station (that also recharges the MM04).

Various adapters are available for different models of phone, including a regular 3.5mm jack and an iPhone adapter, plus there’s a USB connection for VoIP.  The MM03 supports Bluetooth 2.1 with multipoint for dual simultaneous connections.  Native Union reckon that 42-percent of cellphone calls happen at home and 30-percent in the office, so people should consider using a more comfortable handset during that time.  Whether you agree will probably depend on how happy you are spending upward of $59.99 (for the wired sets) or $129.99 (for the Bluetooth models).

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