Native Union made an iPhone DOCK worthy of Jony Ive

Native Union has revealed its latest iPhone, iPad, and smartphone dock, and it's so handsome you'd expect it to come from Apple's design studio. The simply-named DOCK opts for clean lines and solid materials, a solid chunk of dark aluminum for the base and a slice of the metal with a lighter finish to support the phone or tablet.

Of course, there's a little more to it than that. For a start, Native Union has put a piece of silicone rubber on the underside, to keep it stable and avoid the aluminum scratching your desk.

As for the two pieces, they slot together without screws or tools.

Native Union will offer two versions of the DOCK. DOCK Lightning has a gap for a Lightning cable and is intended to be used with Apple products, while DOCK MicroUSB comes with a braided microUSB cable and is intended for other smartphones and tablets, such as those that run Android.

A combined DOCK Collection pairs the iPhone version with a DOCK for Apple Watch, with matching finishes to the metal and a place to charge both your phone and your smartwatch simultaneously.

The DOCK Lightning is priced at $49.99 (though you need to provide the cable yourself), while the DOCK MicroUSB is $64.99. DOCK Collection is $94.99, meanwhile.

SOURCE Native Union