National Park Services rolls out a unified app for national parks

In the past, the National Park Service maintained a separate app for each national park or landmark around the United States. The challenge of keeping all those updated was probably significant, but that has now changed. The National Park Service now has a unified app for all parks allowing people to research and monitor hundreds of landmarks in a single location.

The new app is called National Park Service and has access to information about every property managed by the organization scattered around the entire United States. Users can save maps and information about each park for off-line access and check news updates, and organize parks into lists.

The unified app is a fantastic way to plan trips to visit these locations. The off-line map download feature is also critical as in most national parks; there will be no cellular service meaning no downloads while exploring. The National Park Service app is available for download right now.

The app was created by National Park Service staff, people who certainly know the most about parks and landmarks scattered around the country. While the app is available for download now since the app is new, the service warns that it will take some time to finish creating content for each park.

Those who download the app and don't find the information they are looking for should check back regularly as Rangers are working on completing each park's experience covered by the app. Each park in the app has a detailed map showing point of interest, roads, trails, and other info for planning trips. A self-guided tour feature takes users to interesting places, including popular destinations and those off the beaten path. The app promises to be like having a Ranger by your side to guide the trip. The maps also show locations of places to eat, restrooms, shopping, and transportation. The new app can be downloaded here.