Nate’s Wolverine Claws

Chris Davies - Oct 1, 2006, 8:49am CDT

I seem to remember this one floating around sometime last year, but it’s Sunday and I’ve been cut up in traffic by so many stupid weekend-drivers that I’d love a set of Wolverine-style claws to slash their tyres.  Nate – whose surname is never mentioned but I’d like to think it’s Pickles, just because “Nate Pickles” sounds pleasing to me – was invited to a fancy dress Halloween party and decided, rather than the traditional options of “spooky man wearing a sheet like a scary ghost” or “spooky man dripping blood from plastic vampire teeth, and oh yeah wearing a cape as well” he would use it as an excuse to recreate himself as one of the X-Men.

Cue some lengthy pieces of aluminium, plenty of stitched leather and a hairstyle that in any other situation would be ill-advised (not that I’ve much room to talk).  Nate starts off with a build-journal but it all descends into photos of him posing in various Wolverine stances – I guess they’re the money shots we all want really.

Wolverine Claws

So far, rumours that Nate will be fashioning a hyper-realistic Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive costume for October 31st are unconfirmed.

Wolverine Build Journal [via Gizmodo]

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