NasdaqQ3 Home Trading Terminal concept

Given how well (yes, sarcasm) many fund managers have been doing in handling investment portfolios lately, plenty of people are thinking it might be a better idea to decide their own stock-market dalliances.  And since any new venture demands a slick, shiny new piece of hardware to go with it, here's Allen Liu's NasdaqQ3 Home Trading Terminal concept, designed especially to cater to those trading from their kitchen table.

Features include integrated webcam, microphone and optical drive, together with USB and Firewire ports.  The middle portion contains zero-profile hotkeys to jump to news, your watch list and similar frequently-accessed sections; plus there's a great big "Buy/Sell" control so this thing obviously means business.

Now it's just a design exercise, so we should hold off on some of the more harsh critique perhaps, but I'm not entirely sure why a stock-market terminal requires a Blu-ray drive.  Then again, it has Bose speakers too (and that media-friendly Firewire port) so perhaps Allen envisages us getting inevitably bored of trading and as such avoiding too much buyers-remorse by repurposing the NasdaqQ3 as a slick little home media device.