Narrative Clip 2 wearable camera now life-logs with video

Narrative isn't quite ready to ship the Clip 2, its second-generation wearable camera, but the life-logger is already getting a pre-release upgrade. The clip-on will now support video and audio recording, Narrative has announced today, in addition to firing off a still image every thirty seconds to build a record of your days.

Video will be recorded at 1080p resolution, with the Clip 2 having an 86-degree wide-angle lens to fit more into the frame.

However, unlike with still images which are captured automatically, Clip 2 will only record video on-demand. Triggering it will be either through double-tapping the camera itself – starting a 10-second recording – or by remotely activating it through the smartphone app.

If controlled from a phone, the footage can be longer or shorter than the 10s default, though it's also possible to stop it manually by double-tapping again.

It makes it a little more intentional than Narrative's usual recording style, which focuses on the moments you might want to later remember but wouldn't actively take photographs at the time.

Still, it's probably a sensible compromise given the battery and storage demands video recording place on a device. The Clip 2 has a battery good for up to two days of timelapse photography, and 8GB of storage, but it's unclear at this point what sort of impact recording multiple videos might have on each of those.

Narrative says that, no matter when people preordered their Clip 2, they'll get one with video support when it ships later this month. It's priced at $199, and available in red, black, and white.