Narita Boy trailer brings oddity to his natural home, Nintendo Switch

Today a new trailer was released for a game that'll be released to Nintendo Switch here in the year 2021. This game goes by the name Narita Boy. If you're looking for a unique game to reinvigorate the way you look at video games from the ground up, this might be your best bet.

The game Narita Boy isn't strictly new. It was originally part of a Kickstarter campaign all the way back at the start of the year 2017, and it was funded with great success. This game was originally marketed as a retro-pixel action-adventure game, developed and published by Studio Koba. The first place you might've played this game was on your power PC or your Mac computer back at the tail and of 2019.

The original release date for Narita Boy in its original form was December 2019, when it was released on Steam and available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If you were crafty, you could probably already play this game remotely on your mobile device with any number of streaming systems but... not Nintendo Switch, not yet!

Narita Boy will be mostly the same as it was on those platforms as it'll be on Nintendo Switch. In this universe, users will roll through a 3D 8bit retro game reality with a "modern touch". Paying homage to an "80's style plot" as you roll through environments with your "techno sword" to guide you. And slice your enemies asunder, of course. That's what swords do, after all.

Narita Boy will be released to Nintendo Switch soon. According to Team17 and Studio Koba, the game's release date will be centered in "early 2021." Cross your fingers this game eventually makes its way to mobile platforms, too – it's difficult to imagine why this game isn't already ready to roll for iOS and Android – but we shall see!