Nanoleaf Elements bring woodgrain to smart lighting panels

Nanoleaf Elements were just revealed by the folks that delivered the original triangular light panels. Elements begins with "Wood Look Hexagons", panels with individual wood grain faces and much of the same smart lighting feature set included with each previous Nanoleaf product – save the wide array of color options. These panels are made to be simpler – and more usable by the masses who aren't always seeking full spectrum lighting.

Each Nanoleaf Elements panel is approximately 7.75-inches (20 cm) by 9-inches (23 cm) with a thickness of 0.24-inches (0.6 cm). Including the mounting system Nanoleaf recommends, each panel is approximately 0.39-inches (1 cm) (mounted thickness). Each panel weighs in at 0.46-lbs (208 g).

The Nanoleaf Elements system works with touch controls – on each panel, you have the option to affect the color and brightness of the panel. This addition to the Nanoleaf system works with Music Sync, too – reacting to audio it hears in any given room.

The most major difference between this newest member of the Nanoleaf collection is the vaneer material. With Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagon, you get a laminate with a wood grain finish (PVC). Because of this, the luminous flux per panel is significantly lower than that of, for example, Nanoleaf Shapes. Where Shapes have 100 lumens luminous flux per panel, Nanoleaf Elements (Wood Look Hexagon) clock in at 22 lumens.

These new panels also do not work with the same RGBW color system as previous panels. They're meant to be limited to a set of colors that work well with the wood look. As such, you'll have "Cool White" and "Warm White" to choose from.

This newest Nanoleaf panel system still has the same 25,000 hours "lifetime", the same cable (length 8.2-feet, 2.5m), and the same dimmability (with the Nanoleaf App, Voice Control, and Touch). These new panels work with the same communication protocol as earlier models, with WiFi 2.4 GHz b/g/n. This newest set does not work with the Nanoleaf Remote, but does work with everything else: Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings.

You'll still be able to control the lights with the Nanoleaf App for Android or iOS and/or the Nanoleaf Desktop App for Windows or Mac.

The first Nanoleaf Elements Smarter Kit will include 7 Wood Look Hexagon panels, 7 mounting plates, 8x double-sided adhesive mounting tape, 8x "linkers" to connect the panels together and to the controller, one power supply, one controller, and a quick start guide.

The Elements Smarter Kit price is approximately $300 USD. There's also an Elements Expansion Pack available for around $100, that'll include 3x Wood Look Hexagon panels, 3x Mounting Plates, 4x double-sided adhesive mounting tape, and 3x linkers for connecting panels.