Nadia aesthetics inference camera concept shows ratings not previews [Video]

Not all that long ago, if you wanted to know if you'd taken a decent photograph you'd have to wait for the prints to come back from being developed; since then we've been able to squint at preview displays and try to judge things that way.  Andrew Kupresanin's Nadia camera concept takes things one step further: described as an "aesthetics inference camera", it automatically checks images with the ACQUINE quality inference engine and gives you a simple percentage score rating the shot for visual pleasantness.Video demo after the cut

Inside the control-minimal black box is a Nokia N73, which in this concept setup uses Bluetooth to transfer photos to a nearby Mac with access to the ACQUINE engine.  Of course, since that engine is web-based (you can upload your own photos to check their score, if you're in doubt about your own abilities) and the camera is in fact a cellphone, future iterations could do away with the Bluetooth and Mac and simply check the scores itself.

"[We] will soon see devices and systems that have the ability to think creatively and infer beauty" Kupresanin reckons, though whether these artificially-intelligent cameras will also have the power to delete shots that it thinks are hopelessly framed remains to be seen.

[via OhGizmo!]