MythTV vs. TiVo S3... Fight! Fight! Fight!

Back when Windows XP Media Centre first launched, the prohibitive prices of commercial units meant that people either bought a dedicated PVR or those with at least an ounce or two of computer knowledge thought they'd save some money and build their own.  Of course, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot at first by limiting the OS solely to system builders, but as time has gone on the cost of buying an off-the-shelf PC complete with video capture and the 10-foot UI has dropped.  So it's timely that DVR Playground should take a look at home-build favourite MythTV and ask just how well it holds up against TiVo's latest and greatest, the Series 3 set-top box.

It's no basic comparison, either.  They go in-depth into your options with HD, CableCard and upcoming legislation regarding recording and decoding of transmissions, as well as seeing just how well the UI of each system measures up.  The article has been heavily influenced by comments and feedback from a previous piece DVR Playground did, and it's good to see them retreading the story to clear up some of the confusions.

DVR Playground [via Slashdot]