Mysterious Palm smartphone delay rumors

According to the latest rumors, ODM handset manufacturer Compal Communications is facing delays in producing "shipments of smartphones to Palm from mid-year to the end of the year"; the company has also reportedly seen orders from Motorola canceled.  While likely to prompt much speculation about the state of the Pre, the report – which originated in Chinese-language paper Commercial Times – fails to mention any specific Palm device.

Update: Palm speaks – after the cut

"Palm's two smartphones will be delayed as Compal is waiting for Qualcomm's new chipset solutions that will enable better performance." Commercial Times report

That, combined with doubts that Compal are even the contracted ODM to produce the Palm Pre, suggest that there's no reason to believe the next-gen smartphone is delayed.  In fact, Compal were rumored to be responsible for production of Palm's Windows Mobile devices – a segment the company stated in their recent Sprint Q&A that they would be running concurrently with webOS development – which could tip a delay for the Palm Treo Pro.

The report's blame of Qualcomm chipsets, too, makes it doubtful that the devices impacted include the Pre; Palm have confirmed that the Pre will use a Texas Instruments chip.  As for the Motorola rumor, that concerns the Alexander handset – which Motorola is believed to have canceled – and the already-shipping A3100 which the company is believed to have reduced its order for.

Update: Palm has denied that the Pre is facing any delay (though not commented on any other smartphone in their lineup or schedule), just as we thought would be the case.  More here.

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