Mysterious Android ebook reader shows up in shaky shot

Nine out of ten blurry-cam operators agree, a diet of caffeine and Twinkies is best for getting those sneaky shots that make you so popular among tech blogs.  Someone has sent CrunchGear a deliriously wonky photo of what's said to be an e-reader from a company with no track record in the tablet or ebook reader segment.

The device apparently runs Android, and there's speculation that it's a musical-themed gadget since there are some decidedly note-like icons up near the top of the image.  Of course, given the fact that there are exposure trails from most of the on-screen images, it's entirely possible that those "notes" are in fact simply circular, with camera shake creating the hooked tails.

Either way, it's seemingly bigger than other Android touchscreen devices we've seen previously, and we'll always welcome a new entrant to the tablet/e-reader sphere.  Anybody have any idea what this mysterious gadget might be?