Mvix MvixBOX WDN-2000 dual-drive NAS with Bittorrent

Mvix have announced their latest NAS device, the MvixBOX WDN-2000 2-Bay Ultra Performance NAS/Media Server, complete with remote file access, bittorrent downloads, dynamic website hosting and data backup. Capable of holding two SATA drives of up to 1.5TB capacity each, the MvixBOX has gigabit connectivity and will ship in a drive-free state for users to add their own storage.

Out of the box, the MvixBOX is preconfigured for Apache, MySQL, SQlife and PHP. It also offers what Mvix are calling RapidBox, whereby files on the NAS can be shared with others with a direct link, even if the recipient is outside the local network.

Media streaming via UPnp, among other formats, and iTunes Server is supported, together with FTP. The dual drives can be set up in a mirrored RAID array or left as a single large volume, and capacity can be added via external hard-drives plugged into the front or rear USB 2.0 port. Alternatively, connect a USB memory stick (or flash memory adapter) to the front USB port, press the transfer button and the files will automatically be backed up.

The MvixBOX WDN-2000 will go on sale imminently; price is yet to be announced.

Press Release:

MvixUSA Launches Ultra Performance NAS/Media Server with Versatile Storage Capacity

Chantilly, VA, October 28, 2008: Mvix(USA), Inc., a market leader in high-definition entertainment and business signage solutions announces the launch of the MvixBOX (WDN-2000) 2-Bay Ultra Performance NAS/Media Server. MvixBOX is a 2-Bay Network Attached Server featuring a user-friendly interface with Web-Disk, Torrent Sharing, Dynamic Website hosting, and data backup capability of holding 2 x 1.5TB SATA Hard Drives.

Beyond its dizzying array of features, the MvixBOX (WDN-2000) offers many advanced features for home-office network environments. It's WebServer feature offers a complete Media / Web Server solution in one box. The unit comes pre-configured with Apache, MySQL, SQlife, and PHP, offering a ready-to-go solution for hosting personal or small business websites, blogs, family forums or wikis. MvixBOX also comes pre-configured for dynamic DNS functionality. MvixBOX offers the ability to use simple name, easy to remember domains ... allowing easy access of files across the web.

MvixBOX offers a unique functionality called "RapidBox" which allows files-sharing via simple URLs. This feature is very similar to that offered by a variety of online web-storage companies where a user can upload a file and send a direct link to a friend / co-worker for that particular file. The Rapidbox functionality makes uploading/downloading of files easy with no hassle of setting up FTP applications etc.

Commenting on the launch of MvixBox (WDN-2000), Mike Mallon, the business development manager of Mvix(USA), Inc. said "The new MvixBOX offers a comprehensive suite of innovations and advanced features leveraging the broadband technology. Building upon our dominant brand name, MvixBox is bound to greatly enhance entertainment and business collaboration. There cannot be a better product for this holiday season. We expect this product to bring Network-attached storage concept to the mass-market"

Mvix(USA), Inc. which already created a name in high definition media player segment for home entertainment, business signage and mobile entertainment expects that this new internet-enabled NAS server will have tremendous acceptance with the small and medium businesses. "The massive TB range storage capacity of MvixBox with its gigabit connectivity and portable size makes it an ideal candidate for complete storage and server solutions for medium size businesses. It's extremely affordable price makes a lot sense in times of these economic slowdown,." commented Mike. "At the same time, the unique combination of our high definition media players and MvixBox offers the ultimate solution for home entertainment networking and media storage and sharing."

Mvix(USA), Inc. will start shipping MvixBox (WDN-2000) as early as third week of October. It will also leverage the vast supply chain network of D&H Distributing, one of the largest technology distributors of North America, with whom it recently entered into a partnership agreement. Mvix(USA), Inc. will showcase this unique product in the CES tradeshow to be held in January 2009 at Las Vegas.