Muzatch MZH-1200 solar charger for iPhone proves sometimes green isn't pretty

Over the last few weeks, there have been several new solar chargers for the iPhone that have turned up. The last one I mentioned was the Novothink Solar Surge, which looked pretty darn cool to me. Today we find another solar charger making the rounds for the iPhone and other iPod devices.

The charger is called the Muzatch MZH-1200 iPhone Power Station. It appears that the charger is about half the size of the iPhone and only crams a 1000mAh battery inside. The thing is not attractive at all to my eyes and the maker claims it will charge your iPhone about half way on a full charge from the 1000mAh battery.

The charger plugs into the charge and sync port of the iPhone and weighs 9.8 ounces. It has four LED lights to show the charge mode and a solar panel for getting juice from the sun. You can pick one up for right under $50 in blue, black, silver, white, or green colors.