Musical Tesla Coils play classic 70s electro

Did you know that Tesla coils can sing?  ArcAttack, an AV-DJ group, certainly do, and they're behind the world's first Singing Tesla Coils High-Voltage DJ system.  Basically, the electrical arcs shot out by the coils actually create audible square waves, similar to original analogue synthesizers. Check out the video of the Singing Tesla Coils in action, after the cut! 

This clip was shot at Flipside 2008 by cheesebikini's Sean Savage, and shows ArcAttack playing "Popcorn" on their singing coils.  What you have to remember is that this isn't just a music-syncronized light show, the arcs themselves are playing the tune.

Somehow I can't see Korg or any of the other synth manufacturers building Tesla coils into their upcoming models, which is a bit of a shame but probably for the best, safety-wise.  There are more videos of ArcAttack in action at their site.

[via Laughing Squid]