Muse Musical Vase Serenades You and Your Plant

When you're growing a plant, the experts tell you that there's a couple of things they need: sun, water, and your voice. Talking to a plant is said to help them grow. But, while talking may be great, sometimes you just don't have time to do it, so what if you had something to do it for you? That's where the Muse Musical Vase comes in, designed to play music not only for you, but also your plant.

The musical vase is designed to hold your plant inside of it, so it works not only as a musical device, but also something to hold your favorite plant. It's designed by Lie Zhong-Fa, Jeon Se-Yong, and Koo Yoori, and it plays music after you twist it. Inside the vase you'll find plenty of room to put dirt, or whatever it is you may use to help your plant grow, as well as a water outlet. You just put the Muse on a flat surface, twist it to the left until it won't twist anymore, and then sit back and listen to the music play out until the clockwork winds down.

There's no word on pricing or availability quite yet, but considering how happy these models are, it should be soon. It also doesn't say how long the music will play on one twist, but as long as it's longer than just a matter of seconds, we could see these things being bought up. Place it next to your fish hotel, and you've got a pretty stylish desk.

[via Yanko Design]