Design concept takes the fish out of the bowel and into a hotel

When I was a kid, my brother and I had a couple gold fish that were the dumbest fish in the history of the world. The fish were aptly named Mo and Ron. These fish weren't happy with their digs, would swim over the bubbling filter, and get tossed out of the aquarium on occasion. A few times were saved them after finding them flopping on the floor.

Eventually they broke out when no one was around and ended up dry and dead on the floor. If they had been living in this swanky fish hotel design concept by designer Teddy Luong maybe they would have stopped trying to escape.

The fish hotel is a square tank for the fish that has a white frame with sections of the bowl showing through so you can get a look at your fishy pal. The coolest part is rather than having multiple bowls sitting on your table or desk the things are stackable. These would be some cool habitats for betas.