MultiVersus VS the best crossover fighting games ever made

Today we're going to take a little trip down memory lane with the best crossover video games in existence alongside the newest of their breed: MultiVersus. The newest game was made by Warner Bros. Games. This game showcases a collection of characters from franchises under the Warner Bros. umbrella – that means everything from Batman to Cartoon Network. If you've played a LEGO multiverse game before, this should all look sort of familiar.


If you've seen Space Jam 2, you might recognize the starting lineup in MultiVersus. This is because the intellectual property that's part of MultiVersus is effectively the same as what was made available to the people making Space Jam. Basically every character involved in MultiVersus can also be seen in a movie or TV show on HBO Max.

That means Batman, Superman, Shaggy (Scooby-Doo), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Finn and Jake (from Adventure Time), Wonder Woman, Garnet and Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, Buggs Bunny, and Harley Quinn. MultiVersus is expected to have a release date in the year 2022.

Battle Soccer: Field no Hasha!

Back in the year 1988 this genre started life as a soccer fighting game called Battle Soccer: Field no Hasha! This game featured Ultraman, Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Godzilla! You might've played this game on Super Famicom, or a region-unlocked Super Nintendo if you were lucky!

This game spawned a pair of sequels, too! It would not be a shock to see this franchise return, one day, three decades after its most recent installment hit store shelves. It'd be a difficult sell as a soccer game, but stranger things have happened!

Marvel VS Capcom

Capcom had a string of successful crossover fighting games over the past several decades, but the most mind-blowing of these, for me, must have been the original Marvel VS Capcom. Take a peek at this presentation of the game from all the way back in the year 1999!

If you still have a Sega Dreamcast lying around in a cupboard somewhere, and you've never played this game, it's time to change your life for the better. This game includes a barrage of characters from Capcom and some of the most iconic iterations of Marvel Comics characters ever shown in a video game. And the boss is the greatest Marvel villain of all time: Onslaught!

Super Smash Bros.

When Nintendo released the following commercial in advance of the release of Super Smash Bros., it was immediately clear they had a monster on their hands. Super Smash Bros. took the wide, wide world of super successful Nintendo characters and jammed them all into a game that allowed players to bash one another all night long.

The first Super Smash Bros. was and is a must-have title for all owners of the Nintendo 64. The follow-up game Super Smash Bros. Meelee was an absolute staple for the Nintendo GameCube. This franchise rolls with characters from Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Star Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, Metroid, and Zelda. Later entries started to get real weird with it, including characters like the Wii Fit Trainer from the Wii Fit platform, and the dog and duck from Duck Hunt!

Honorable Mention: Kingdom Hearts

Though not a fighting game, Kingdom Hearts really took the whole multiverse crossover idea and ran with it. Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix (formerly Squaresoft) created a crossover that explored the Disney Universe in a way only the creators of Final Fantasy could deploy.

The creation of Kingdom Hearts opened the door to the idea that characters from all franchises could cross over into others with the greatest of ease. And with the greatest of commercial success.