Multi-color LED lighting on a budget

Even a couple of years after its release, Philips' Living Colors LED lamp remains one of the cooler ways to light up your living room.  Packing a rainbow of LED light into one remote-controlled unit, the biggest drawback is its price: around $180 if you can find it in the US.  Stepping neatly into the fray, then, comes this multi-colored LED bulb that slots into a standard MR16 socket and costs less than a sixth of the Philips lamp.

The principle remains the same – colored LEDs are combined to make various shades – but since the bulb relies on existing MR16 12V halogen fittings you're not paying for the Philips housing and stylings.  While the Living Colors lamp supports any shade, the cheaper bulb only offers sixteen presets, but it can transition through them smoothly or by flashing, strobing or fading.

For $26.96 you get the LED bulb and a compact remote control, and if you install a number of the lights then the same remote will operate them all in tandem.  There's also brightness control and the bulb is rated for up to 25,000hrs use.

[via GadgetsAlerts]