MTube Android home entertainment tablet gets video demo

The last we heard of MTube they were pushing a tiny, 2.8-inch MID with integrated WiMAX, but their latest touchscreen device jumps firmly onto the Android bandwagon.  The MTube Android MID has a 7.6-inch capacitive touchscreen and uses an ARM processor, but rather than trying to hitch a ride in your bag, it's intended for living room duties.  Not only does the tablet offer internet access, but you can stream video, photos and music from the MTube to your big-screen TV.

Actual connectivity between the MTube and your HDTV is unclear; it's certainly wireless, and we're guessing either a WiFi receiver plugs into the HDMI ports or there's some sort of UWB wireless system in use.  According to NetbookNews the MTube team are in negotiations with with Taiwanese display manufacturers to get the receiver integrated into future sets.

The fact that the demo unit crashed mid-way through the demo doesn't exactly suggest that the MTube MID is ready for prime-time, unfortunately.  There's no word on exactly when we can expect to see it on shelves, but from the demo video – even with a crash – we're intrigued.