MSI Wind Top AE1900 gets hands-on

MSI's Wind Top AE1900 touchscreen all-in-one had its official launch yesterday, and already we're seeing the first hands-on reports.  Section Addiction caught up with the 18.5-inch nettop, going so far as to check out its power demands, fan noise, and the possibility of 1080p on the Atom-based PC.

MSI's Wind Touch GUI - which sits on top of Windows XP and acts as a finger-friendly launcher – will apparently be user-customizable, which puts it one step ahead of ASUS' Eee Top.  MSI preload CyberLink PowerDVD, too, to take advantage of the integrated optical drive, a welcome sight on a machine that seems ideal for kitchen entertainment.

Meanwhile 1080p playback isn't exactly smooth sailing for the Intel Atom 230 processor and GMA 950 graphics, but that's no great surprise.  We're still waiting to hear pricing and availability details for the Wind Top AE1900 from MSI.

[via Engadget Chinese]