MSI Wind NetTop D130: bargain dual-core Atom with DVD burner

MSI have announced their first dual-core nettop, the Wind NetTop D130, which uses Intel's Atom 330 1.6GHz dual-core processor.  The D130 also carves something of a niche for itself by including an integrated DVD Super Multi drive, a rare sighting on nettops.  MSI envisage buyers using the D130 as a media center PC, home email or file server, or even for online gaming.


That Atom 330 CPU is paired with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and uses passive cooling for a total noise output of just 30dB.  The low-power components also add up to energy savings; MSI are claiming that the entire D130 requires just 35W at full load, less than a light bulb, and up to 90-percent less than a traditional 250-300W ATX PC.

7.1 channel surround sound is decoded onboard, and the DVD drive (together with plentiful codec support) make the  D130 an interesting alternative to a standalone DVD player.  Full connectivity is unclear at present, but there look to be at least four USB 2.0 ports, ethernet, audio in/out on the front panel, and a card reader, together with a DC input port suggesting an external power brick.

The MSI Wind NetTop D130 will be priced between NT$7500 and NT$8000 ($225 to $240).

Press Release:

MSI Unveils the first "Dual-Core" Mini System, Wind NetTop D130

Double Performance and Energy-Saving

[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, one of world's leading manufacturers of system, notebook, motherboard and graphics card products, launched its Wind NetTop which was widely praised by all sectors. It has now gained popularity among small-cheap and multi-functional computer products. A follow up on its victory, MSI leads the industry to unveil the first "Dual-Core" mini system, Wind NetTop D130.

Wind NetTop D130 is equipped with the latest Intel® Atom™ 330 dual-core processor and 2GB DDR2 memory. Both high-definition video of HD-class home theater and other high-load applications, Wind NetTop D130 is easy to handle. Based on the origin of Wind series, Wind NetTop D130 using the same "ultra energy-saving" power design can save nearly up to 90% on electricity. Users no longer worry about overdraft electricity, even when the users use the computer for over a 24-hour period. MSI has broken the myth that high-performance is equivalent to high power consumption.

Nordic Simple Style

With today's modern lifestyle, people are paying attention to trendy home furnishing and texture. Apart from high-performance and multi-functional, people are also expecting the computer to be stylish and trendy as well. MSI Wind NetTop D130 comes with an excellent appearance design to meet the request of the modern aesthetic. The material used in the body is a deep matte black metal with the same metal material for the reflective button. The cold color lets Wind NetTop D130 exudes a full, simple Nordic style. Users can place it on the coffee table, desk or any corner at home. The design displays a reserved personality to show calmness and a sense of individuality.

Energy-Saving and Ultra-Quiet

Wind NetTop D130 is equipped with Intel® Atom™ dual-core processor and 2GB DDR2 memory which provides a more powerful processing performance at the same price. The full speed operation of Wind NetTop D130 is only 35W which is less than the light bulbs. Compared to the traditional ATX chassis of 250W~300W, MSI Wind NetTop D130 can save up to 90% on electricity. That's about NT$4,900* per year. In an era of high electricity tariffs, a high-performance and power-saving computer is the most intelligent choice.

The processor and the chipset of MSI Wind NetTop D130 utilized the passive cooling technology, preventing the noisy operation of the fan. It is ultra-quiet, generating only 30dB of operating noise which is quieter than the library. It is very suitable for 24H computing needs such as e-mail servers, file servers. Users can also use it to play online games, or place it in the living room to connect TV set as a family multimedia center.

Built-in DVD Super Multi

The compact size of MSI Wind NetTop D130 features a built-in Super-Multi DVD burner, which is used for backing up data, installing software or playing movies. The MSI Wind NetTop D130 is designed to meet users who don't want to have external DVD-ROM drive, enabling users to put in the living room and connect it with LCD TV. It can also play a variety of video and music file formats to solve the problems of insufficient home DVD player file format.

7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Provides the Excellent Sound Experience

Whether it is for 3D entertainment or videos, Wind NetTop D130 enables users to experience gorgeous videos and excellent sound.

Wind NetTop D130 supports 7.1-channel surround sound output. Through the restore sound field, even the small space can also have a big theater-like sense of space. It comes with the built-in high-watt speakers and heavy bass, showing clear treble and powerful bass. Whether it is music or opera, Wind NetTop D130 offers the perfect performance.

For Example

• 300W-35W=265W. Compared to traditional PC, Wind NetTop D130 can reduce up to 265W on power consumption.

• Yearly electricity saving: 265W x 24H x 365 days / 1000 = 2321Kwh.

• According to the lowest rate of household electricity supply in @$2.1 / Kwh calculation, each MSI Wind NetTop D130 can save NT$4,900 on yearly electricity bill.

• Wind NetTop cost about NT$7500~NT$8000. Using it for two years is worth the price.