MSI Wind final specs - Powered by Intel Atom

We weren't sure the last time about which processor MSI plans to put into its Eee PC killer. Well, now we know that MSI Wind will be using Atom processor, Intel's newest portable chip. The 10-inch LED based display sports 1024x600 pixel resolution.

MSI chooses to use Novell's Linux distribution (SUSE) for its Linux version and Windows XP Home Edition for its Windows version. The Linux version will not have Bluetooth module and comes with only half of the memory size of the Windows version at 512MB.

The Windows version is 0.3lbs heavier (2.6lbs) than the Linux version and uses 6-cells battery that will last 5.5 hours of battery life. The Linux version comes with 3-cell battery and lasts only 2.5 hours.

[via gizmodo]