MSI Trident is a tiny VR ready gaming rig packing GeForce GTX 1060 graphics

MSI has rolled out a new VR ready gaming computer that it claims to be the world's smallest VR ready gaming PC called the MSI Trident. The Trident has a customized MSI GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card inside along with the latest Intel Core processors making or a powerful, but small gaming rig. To keep noise levels down, MSI also uses a special thermal management system called Silent Storm 2 cooling.

That special cooling system allows the hardware packed into the very small chassis to run at optimum performance without overheating and without adding lots of noise to your room. MSI packs Trident into a cool looking case that has an RGB mystic Light lighting system. Multiple connectivity options are on the front panel of the gaming machine and includes dual high-speed USB ports.

MSI says that the GTX 1060 graphics inside are capable of playing the blockbuster titles that are on the market right now and games that are coming to market over the next year. The cooling system is able to perform while remaining quiet because key components are separated into different chambers inside the machine. Noise from the cooling system can be an issue for some very small gaming systems, such as the Alienware Alpha.

The RGB Mystic Light is a lightning system that supports lots of colors and the user can customize the lighting effect to whatever color they choose. For VR gamers, the front panel of the PC has an HDMI output and the Trident runs special "One-click-to-VR" software to optimize the machine for VR with a press. The overall chassis volume for the Trident is 4.7 liters and MSI says this makes the machine the smallest PC for VR on the market. Processor options include a 6th gen Intel Core i7-6700 or an i5-6400 with up to 32GB of RAM. There is room for a 2.5-inch HDD and a M.2 SATA SSD.