MSI N285GTX SuperPipe with 90% thermal efficiancy boost

MSI have announced their first video card with SuperPipe technology, using a heatpipe cooling system that is 60-percent thicker than traditional pipes.  The MSI N285GTX SuperPipe combines an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 GPU with a cooling system that's demonstrates 90-percent improvement in thermal efficiency.

The N285GTX SuperPipe also features MSI's Twin Frozr dual-fan cooling, that works with both the heatpipes and the video card's capacitors and memory.  Two versions of the card are available, the basic N285GTX SuperPipe and the N285GTX SuperPipe OC.  Both have 1GB of GDDR3 memory and supports external displays up to 2560 x 1600 via two DVI outputs; they also support NVIDIA SLI, including 3-way SLI.

The basic model has a 648MHz core clock speed, 2484MHz memory clock speed and 158.98 GB/sec memory bandwidth; the OC version increases those to 680MHz, 2500MHz and 160 GB/sec respectively.  No word on pricing, but they should be available now.

Press Release:

MSI's first-ever graphics card to equip SuperPipe technology — N285GTX


[Taipei - TW] MSI, leader in the development of graphics card cooling technologies, is always designing and researching for further advances in cooling systems in the hopes gamers can experience better cooling and performance from MSI products. Today, MSI is pleased to announce the N285GTX SuperPipe graphics card, which not only brings to bear the powerful NVIDIA GPU – GeForce GTX 285, but, via the revolutionary 'SuperPipe' and Twin Frozr thermal design, offers a high performance and thermal efficiency graphics card.

MSI SuperPipe technology

The N285GTX SuperPipe is MSI's first card to use SuperPipe technology. Heatpipe is an extremely important component on a graphics card, which is responsible for transferring heat away from the GPU to the cooling fins for dissipation. The thicker the heatpipe, the more heat it can transfer, the faster it dissipates, and the better its overall thermal efficiency. MSI's SuperPipe technology uses special 8mm thick heatpipes that are 60% thicker than the traditional pipes, and show about a 90% improvement in thermal efficiency. With such amazing improvement, the MSI SuperPipe is a high-performance graphics card's best companion that perfectly eliminates high-end GPUs' overheat issues.

N285GTX SuperPipe also equips a Twin Frozr dual-fan thermal design that cools down GPU and other graphics card components (such as capacitors or memory). Through the combination of SuperPipe and Twin Frozr dual-fan designs, gamers can truly experience the N285GTX SuperPipe's cool and fast performance.